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Hi!  I'm Alexandra.  Here's where I tell you a little more about me and stellabee designs.

This all started as a result of three little people.  After a number of years staying home with my kids, I began to search for career options that would allow me to continue to be there for them before and after school.  Add to that my intense need for a creative outlet, plus some very opinionated children as far as their clothing goes, and stellabee designs was born.

Frankly, I was fed up with all the character and branded kids clothes out there, and tired of lending out my own scarves to my daughters to fulfill their outfit goals.  This whole thing started one weekend when I decided that hell, I could MAKE cool clothes for my kids.

And then I decided that I should also make cool clothes for yours.  :)

Here's the other thing:  I want my (and your!) kids to be comfortable in what they're wearing.  I want them to feel great about what they have on, as well as be able to run and jump and climb the monkey bars with the best of them.  And then at the end of the day, I want us to be able to throw all their clothes in the laundry without having to worry about special washing instructions.  

I personally handcraft every piece of clothing I sell.  All of my clothes are handmade from machine washable fabrics, and the fabric is all pre washed, so the size you buy is the size you end up with.

Thanks for checking out my collection!  I hope you love what you see.

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